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Midori / Fauxdori / Paperdori / Travelling Notebook / TN are some of the names that refer to a notebook system that can be used as a bullet journal / journal / bible journal / diary / scrapbook / to-do list and anything else you need to write things down for.

TRAVELER’S Notebook & Company was born in Japan in March 2006. The Midori Traveler’s Notebook is not only a notebook but a system of notebooks and accessories. If you buy the genuine Traveler’s Notebook it comes with a thick piece of leather, two pieces of elastic, and a notebook. But take a look at the Midori webpage and you will find dozens of accessories to customize the Traveler’s Notebook — refill notebooks, pocket stickers, card files, zip cases and pen loops can all added.The Travelers notebook system comes in two sizes – Regular and Passport. They are very expensive to buy in South Africa and I was horrified at the prices I saw on WantItAll. There are crafters making and selling the leather covers and their own booklet inserts in South Africa that are much cheaper than the genuine article.

Of course crafter’s are a creative bunch and they have found cheaper alternatives than having to buy a genuine Midori. If you take a look at the internet you will find that crafter’s have used not only leather but also paper and fabric to make their own “Midori’s”. They have also not only stuck to the Regular and Passport sizes but made a “Midori” size that suited them.

I have always loved crafting and stationery and making my own laminated Paperdori fulfills all my crafting desires. What could be better than beautiful paper that can be turned into something pretty and practical!!

My laminated covers are made using double-sided scrapbook paper and I make only one cover with a particular paper. There are four elastics inside the cover that hold four booklets and I also made a folder to fit behind a booklet. The folder can be used to keep slips or other items inside the pockets. Also included are four bookmarks (2 made out of the cover paper, Today marker and Month marker). My Paperdori’s are approximately 18,5cm high and 10cm wide.

Notebooks, Folder, Book Marks and the Paperdori cover showing the elastics inside


Well I am happy to say that you can enter to win ONE of my currently made Paperdori’s or choose to have a custom one made.


HOW TO ENTER (there are four ways) :

  1. Follow me on Instagram – then like and comment on the giveaway post telling me what you would use your Paperdori for.
  2. Like me on Facebook – then like and comment on the giveaway post telling me where you usually buy your stationery from.
  3.  Follow me on Twitter – find the giveaway tweet, retweet and then reply with your favourite colour/s.
  4. Comment on this post telling me whether you like blank or lined paper for your notebooks.


Please note : This competition is open to South African’s only (sorry) and I will send the winner their chosen Paperdori. There will be only ONE winner who will choose a pre-made or custom made Paperdori. The giveaway closes on 3 August 2018 and the randomly drawn winner will be announced on social media on 4 August 2018.





These are my currently made Paperdori’s :


Hanging About, Checked Out, You’re Tweet, Blooming Good


Design Houses (Black), Rustic Flower, All Taped Out, Designing Flowers


Design Houses (Grey), A Dress for You, Old School is Cool, Classic Camera


Crowned, Green Paisley, Flower Script, Patterned in Pink


Author: Nicola Meyer

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