Find Some Bunny Chow To Love

Looking for “Some Bunny to Love?”


Find your ideal bunny chow at the BB Bread Bunny Chow food truck at this weekend’s Shongweni Farmer’s Market. Join with your friends on Saturday 28 July and be entertained while taking part in a fun and laughter inducing “Curryoke.” Sing for a free bunny chow to the lyrics of “Find Me Somebunny to Love” and “I Wanna Dance with Somebunny” in a real Bollywood style video booth.

If singing makes you hot and bothered you can also show some love by becoming a bunny yourself and getting into the giant half loaf at the photo booth. Make sure to snap pictures and share your BB Bunny on Instagram by tagging and following @BunnyChowLove for a chance to win your next BB Bunny for free. Not to mention that you might just find your name laser toasted onto the side of your Bunny.


BB Bread Bunny Chow


BB Bakeries is proudly Born and Bread in KZN and was founded in Durban over 160 years ago. Their fresh breads are sold exclusively in KZN. Their Standard Range consists of : White Sliced Bread, Brown Sliced Bread and White Unsliced Bread. Lifestyle Range : Low GI Crushed Wheat Sliced Brown Bread and Wholewheat Brown Bread. Their new Squares range consists of White Squares and Brown Squares.


BB Bread Bunny Chow


What is a Bunny Chow??

According to Wikipedia – “The bunny chow was created in Durban, home to a large community of people of Indian origin. The precise origins of the food are disputed, although its creation has been dated to the 1940s. Bunny Chow, often referred to as a bunny, is a South African fast food dish consisting of a hollowed out loaf of bread filled with curry.

Stories of the origin of bunny chow date as far back as the migrant Indian workers arrival in South Africa. One account suggests that migrant workers from India who were brought to South Africa to work the sugar cane plantations of KwaZulu-Natal required a way of carrying their lunches to the field; a hollowed out loaf of bread was a convenient way to transport their vegetarian curries. Meat based fillings came later. The use of a loaf of bread can also be ascribed to the lack of the traditional roti bread, in the absence of which a loaf of bread would be acceptable as an accompaniment to curry.”


The BB Bakeries team are launching the #SomeBunnyToLove BB Bunny Chow food truck, starting at the Shongweni Farmer’s Market. Designed to resemble a melting pot of all things KZN by showcasing the colourful culture and colours of this hot province. The BB Bunny Chow truck will be selling delicious bunny’s at popular food markets and lifestyle events over the next three months throughout KZN.

To match their ‘Born ‘n Bread’ loaf, BB Bakeries have partnered with a ‘Born ‘n Bread’ Durban curry expert, Anasia Govender aka Annalakshmi from Chilli Kadhai. “We are delighted to be working with a passionate champion of the Bunny Chow. Anasia shares our belief that the best quality products and an artisan attention to process and detail is what make the best food experiences. Of course, we both also believe that a meal is nothing without some family-fun connection and entertainment,” explains BB Bakeries Senior Brand Manager, Trisha Chetty.

The #SomeBunnyToLove truck is no standard food truck and serves no standard Bunny Chows either. The BB Bunnies come served with Paneer-stuffed bread balls as well as the traditional carrot salad.“This is our innovative use of the crustless portion of the loaf that is left over,” explains Anasia Govender of Chilli Kadhai. Fans can select from three popular curries, Chicken, Mutton or Bean, or can opt for a smaller serving of deliciousness with the BB Mini Trio made from BB Squares. Bunnies with a dash of panache!

Follow the #SomeBunnyToLove food truck on its route around KZN by visiting their Facebook page @BBBakeries or check out all the visual action on their Instagram Page @BunnyChowLove. If you are unable to make it to the Shongweni Farmer’s Market then look for the food truck at First Thursdays (Durban) on 2nd August or at the Umhlanga Food & Music Festival on Thursday 9 August.


Don’t miss out on finding your #SomeBunnyToLove

Author: Nicola Meyer

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    • Sorry for the delay in replying. I have messaged BB Bread to ask them but not had a reply as yet. The food truck was last at the Durban Botanic Gardens on 5 October.