Testing the Waters for Midmar Mile

I suppose people that I have met for the first time would never believe that I was/can be a very reserved person who keeps to herself.  I turned 40 in May and wow has life changed.  Meeting lovely ladies from Twitter, starting a blog, attending functions and mingling with fairly well known people.

I also made a decision this year that I would swim the Midmar Mile 2014.  My 12 year old daughter Laura swam it this year and I watched these really old women make it to the end.  One lady was over 80!!  So that is when is decided that I could do it to.

To test the waters Laura and I swam the Capital K 500m fun race at Midmar Dam on Sunday.  I needed to experience the conditions of swimming in the dam.  Well it was a HUGE eye opener!!  Swimming 500 metres was not easy.  I really battled to get to the first buoy, but I was determined I was going to finish.  Hubby says I was swimming too fast.  There was this awful smell of fuel, so every time I took a breath it was there.  We also experienced a few waves and I needed to take two strokes to get through which was extra tiring.

The  most important thing was that I reached the end and now I know what to expect next year.  I am going to have to train very hard to make sure that I am ready.

Here are a few pictures of Laura and I at the Capital K.  I am being very brave by putting these pictures up of me in a costume!!

Before the race
At the start

Entering the water

I made it!!

Just out of the water


 My question to whoever reads this post is : What are you going to do to challenge yourself??

Author: Nicola Meyer

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