Mr Price Home Event – More Pictures

My wonderful sister Carryn (@VintageKitchy) took these pictures.
Taking at the hotel while we waited for the shuttle
The bridge we crossed over to get to the event
Fabulous drummers
Table decor

Loved these huge balloons

Keiren Holland (Mr Price Home Digital Marketing)
Shopping station

This is me shopping

Choosing the correct duvet

Adding duvet to Bag

I realised after I had published my post about the Mr Price Home event that I hadn’t mentioned that Inge Loker @Inge_Loker and Faeema Sader @fayinthemaze were also there.  Was so lovely to see you both again.  Sorry that I couldn’t spend a lot of time chatting to you both.
Here are more pictures that I took :

Aaron McIroy 


 Veranda Panda
Aaron McIroy


Faeema and Carryn

MD of Mr Price Home


Author: Nicola Meyer

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