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I am still on a high after attending the incredible Mr Price Home event celebrating the launch of their online store.  I was so incredibly blessed to have been one of the winners to get an invite to this amazing event.  Keiren Holland (Digital Marketing) called me last week to give me the good news.  The prize included flights and accommodation at the Docklands Hotel.  Unfortunately as I am Durban based I didn’t get a flight but my sister in Jhb did!!! *shrieks of excitement* So amazing!! They flew my precious sister down to Durban so that she could attend the event with me.  Carryn arrived at the hotel at about 3:40pm and I think people must have thought we were mad with all the hugging, laughing and cries of delight.  We put her luggage in the room and then came down again to enjoy a cappuccino.  We were sitting in a lovely courtyard chatting and had to move inside as it started raining 🙁 Then it started to pour down and hail.  A whole group of wet and bedraggled ladies from Mr Price Home came in.  They had just been at the event site and were so sad that a whole lot of things had been destroyed and they had to cancel what was going to happen outside.  Carryn and I met Keiren Holland and were introduced Kerry Strauss (Marketing Manager), Bridget (Catalogues) and other ladies (sorry I really should have written down all your names).

Keiren Holland

We finished our coffee and took our cups back.  Before heading to our room to get ready we met and chatted to Izelle Venter from Media24 (former Editor In Chief of You, Huisgenoot and Drum @IVenter) and Eugene Marais (@EmaraisR).  Then it was time to get dressed up for the event.

We came down to reception at about 7pm to wait for the shuttle (we didn’t want to walk there in our high heeled wedges).  The lady organising the shuttle told us she was waiting for one more passenger before she could send us over.  A lady rushed in about 10 minutes later and we all went to board the shuttle.  Well! The lady turned out to be Suzy Brokensha Editor of Fair Lady magazine!!!!!!  What a incredible, sweet woman she is.  The shuttle dropped us off at the event and what a fabulous sight it was with lots of lazer lights flashing and a light saying Mr Price Home constantly turning.

We were warmly greeted at the entrance and given our name tags and the ID tag to use at the event.  Carryn and I made full use of this ID tag.  There were 2 photo booths that were activated by the tag and it would take your picture and tweet for you.  Here are 2 of our many photos :

The MC for the evening was Aaron McIroy, what a hilarious man! 

Their were waiters circulating with platters of delicious food and a bar was set up on one side.  We loved all the décor with its many dots. 

I was so privileged to also meet Fiona Rossiter of Inspired Life (@inspired_lifeSA, Vicki Sleet (Lifestyle Editor/Assistant Editor of Good Housekeeping and blog @iwantthatnow).  Also got to meet and chat to Nicola Ashe (@AskAshe and Terry Angelos @AngelosTerry

Fiona Rossiter

Suzy Brokensha

Suzy Brokensha and Carryn

Vicki Sleet

I did some shopping on the Mr Price Home online store which I found easy to do.  I bought a 3/4 and double bed duvet and a fitted sheet and bed frill in Natural.  I still want to buy a few more items.  Carryn and I left at 11:30pm and went back to Docklands Hotel.  Only got to sleep at about 12:30pm as we had to do more chatting.

Thank You Mr Price Home for an incredible event!!

Author: Nicola Meyer

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