The Midlands Kitchen

The end of 2018 is rapidly approaching and streams of traffic will very soon be making their way from Johannesburg to Durban for the annual summer and Christmas vacation. As I write this my sister and her family have managed to get an early start for the trek down to Durban.

There are numerous places to stop and refuel the car and refuel the passengers on the way, but you can get so tired of the same old fast food. If you are looking for something fresh and exciting then I recommend that you make The Midlands Kitchen one of your stops.


Midlands Kitchen


It is a kid and pet friendly stop and they cater for the leisurely traveller or for the quick in and out traveller. If you are in a rush make your way to their Grab and Go – grab a pie, a cooldrink or even a magazine and get back on the road.

If you have more time take a seat in the food hall, peruse the menu and place your order from one of the various kitchens. Pies, pizzas, burgers and they also have vegetarian and vegan options. The Midlands Kitchen, is a collaborative food hall that promotes ethical farming practices, sustainability and freshness and where all the stalls value quality ingredients and produce. Don’t worry – you don’t need to walk to the various kitchens to place your order! Your friendly and helpful waitron will give you a menu and your order will be electronically captured. At the end of your delicious meal you make your way to the exit and pay at the till points.

The Midlands Kitchen is not newly on the food scene but it has recently had a major food makeover by the restaurant specialist Emily Dyer-Schiefer.

Before exiting The Midlands Kitchen make sure you buy some of the locally produced produce such as jams, cheese, eggs and even meat from their Deli section.

I enjoyed lunch on two separate occasions and it was a difficult choice on what to eat as everything sounded amazing. What wasn’t difficult to decide on – what to drink! I of course ordered a cappuccino. The Midlands Kitchen coffee is supplied by Avanti  in Johannesburg who roast a special blend for them. I ordered a cornish pie served with chips and gravy and it was delicious. The pastry was perfect and there was ample filling (and no gristly bits).


Midlands Kitchen


The next lunch occasion I had to order a smash burger and it did not disappoint. A lovely big burger bun (made on the premises) and a chunky beef patty. I loved the use of a steak knife through the burger to hold it together. The smash burger was served with chips. To finish off the delicious meal I had a scoop (okay two) of the amazing Wild Child Gelato. They had 8 different flavours to choose from but I chose a chocolatey choc chip. It was so moreish.


Midlands Kitchen


The Midlands Kitchen is situated close to the N3 Nottingham Road offramp, Exit 132 and is open daily from 06h00 to 16h00 (the Grab and Go section closes at 20h00). Look for the huge windmill on your left if you are coming from Johannesburg.


Telephone: 033 266 7046


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Author: Nicola Meyer

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