Happy New Year 2019

I hope that you all had a fun and restful Christmas holidays. We stayed at home (as we do every year) as we always have a long to-do list to tackle. These holidays seemed to fly by and it was definitely much shorter for the school kids who returned today instead of having the usual extra week.

Today is my first official day of work and it feels so weird to be back in the office. My posts on the website might be a bit delayed as we have been without a phone (and therefore wifi) at home for over 2 weeks. I am so sad that I was not able to do the Netflix binge watching that I had planned on in the holidays. I have started phoning Telkom practically every day to try and get a technician out to check our cable. They keep telling me that it is a bulk fault but I know that the cable leading to our house has become detached at the pole. Hopefully it can get repaired this week but I wouldn’t count on it #sigh.


If you follow me on social media you would have already seen my words for 2019.


Here is a recap if you missed it :

Shine : friendly, kind, warm, helpful
Peace : coffee with a friend, crafts, walking in the garden, lots of time with family
Home : make one room your sanctuary, have a braai, walk the dogs, talk to the kids, don’t wash the dishes immediately
Dream : make small changes, do that one thing that you have been wanting to do for very long time, take a step
Love : family, friends, pets. Do what you love, drink coffee


Happy New Year


Keep an eye on my social media and website this year. Learn about new coffee and coffee shops to try.

Hint : There will be a competition happening in February (and no it is not for coffee).


Author: Nicola Meyer

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