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Social media can be a pain and filled with drama but social media can also help you “meet” new people and sometimes you get to meet those people in real life.

Two of those people are Dylan and Jamie Da Silva of Skyline Coffee. I can no longer remember how I “met” Jamie – either Facebook or Twitter. What I do remember is that we saw each other face to face for the first time at a Barista Competition in Durban. My husband and I have been long time supporters of their coffee and one of our favourite Skyline coffee’s is their single origin Ethiopian Sidamo.

I love visiting their coffee shop in Durban and it is especially fun to people watch. There are always a variety of ages either busy working on their laptops, chatting with friends or just popping in to get their caffeine fuel. When you pop into visit Skyline for your favourite beverage make sure you order something sweet to accompany it. Keep an eye on their social media to find out the specials of the day or week.

My regular caffeine drink order is a cappuccino which is always perfectly prepared and at correct drinking temperature.


Skyline Coffee


“Skyline Coffee Roasters are driven by passion and fuelled by caffeine induced knowledge. We acknowledge no single coffee bean is the same, similarly, you the people are unique and individual. Through the identification of which elements, taste profiles, textures and aromas you prefer, Skyline Coffee Roasters enables you with the ability to create and label your own signature blend.

We are a passionate family-run small business with a massive interest in growing our Coffee Community and have been in the coffee industry for just over ten years. We started off importing and distributing an Italian brand in South Africa. After a few years learning as much as we could about coffee roasting (Dylan even spent 3 months in Italy based at a roastery) we decided it was time to start our own brand. We are based in Durban yet supply many wonderful cafes, restaurants, hotels and offices around the country. We opened our first cafe in Morningside, Durban on 3 May 2017. Our cafe is our baby and allows us the opportunity to connect with so many incredible people on a daily basis. Our hope is to eventually merge the cafe and roastery into one so that when you visit us for a cup of coffee you will also be able to see the roastery in full swing as well. We look forward to meeting you over a cup of coffee.” Dylan & Jamie Da Silva


Skyline Coffee


Opening Times : Monday- Friday 6:30am – 4pm, Saturdays: 7am – 1pm, Closed on Sundays and Public Holidays

Seating : 30 People indoors, 4 people on the deck (front of shop), couch in courtyard up to 8 people, 6 people at bar counters in courtyard. The courtyard is getting an upgrade in the next few weeks with more shade coming and a change in the look.

Menu : Light meals. A few breakfast options like overnight oats. Always have two toasted sarmies available – one vegetarian and one meat option. Special available every day :  banana bread & nutella with a cappuccino for R40 . They are aiming to add more healthy offerings to the menu such as salads etc in the next few weeks as well.

Milk Alternatives : Milklab almond, Macadamia & Coconut. Okja Oat Milk

Wifi : Yes

Plug Points : Yes. Lots and lots and lots. Every table in fact

Child Friendly : Yes. Please note that people come and work on their laptops in the shop.

Dog Friendly : Yes

Environmentally Conscious : Yes. They are also in the process of changing a few more things so this will be even better in a few weeks as well. 80% of their packaging is environmentally conscious – the rest they are working on.

Large Table for Meeting : Six seater and eight seater

Booking for Events / Meetings / Crafts : There is the option to book events seven days a week. With various options available, best is to email them and they can take it from there. There is either just a flat venue hire fee and people do their own catering or they offer various options to fully cater events. They have had plenty of baby showers, kitchen teas, live music events,  birthday parties , farewells, etc booked. In the next few weeks there some incredible events coming.

Coffee : Roasted by them. They generally switch between pouring one of their two blends at the cafe and then seasonal coffee as well (eg; the Easter Egg blend will be poured for three weeks before, during and after Easter at the cafe)

Coffee Beans for Sale : Two blends, single origins that change often, 250g and 1kg options

Other Products for Sale : Merchandise such as caps, shirts, hoodies, plungers, etc

Online Store : Yes. Coffee beans, Coffee makers, Merchandise. Option to collect for free from the cafe to save on delivery charge if the order is under R300. Website

Art Display : Local artists from the community display their work for four to six weeks free of charge. They love the value it adds to their space by having that wall continuously changing as well as being able to help creatives sell their work.

Generator : No

Contact  : Jamie 073 255 4816

Address : 155 Gordon Road, Morningside, Durban



Author: Nicola Meyer

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