Springside Cafe

Every day I drive past Springside Cafe when I take my daughter to high school (well except on weekends and holidays). Last year on the spur of the moment I fetched my Mom from the Hospice shop in Hillcrest where she is a volunteer and took her for coffee.
Springside Cafe is an oasis from the hustle and bustle of Hillcrest – Yes Hillcrest does have hustle and bustle! Quiet, calm and cool with a gently flowing fountain and a lovely garden with lots of greenery and a few flowering plants. They also have a small jungle gym play area for kids. We decided to sit inside at a table by a side window looking onto the jungle gym. I would call the decor classy shabby chic and they have put in a lot of attention to the smallest detail.
There was a fabulous display of cakes covered with glass domes but I decided to just have a cappuccino and my mom would have her usual of 5 Roses tea. Well the coffee was bad, bad, bad. I drank it with long teeth (don’t you just love that saying). I had asked the waitress when I ordered what coffee they use and was told Bean Green, so I was expecting to have a really good cup. I really don’t know what they did to the coffee to make it taste so bad. Anyway, my mom enjoyed her tea and we had a lovely chat.
When my sister Carryn was down from JHB – doesn’t that sound familiar? I believe I used the same sentence in a post before. Well on her last day I wanted to take her to a place she had not been to before and I thought Springside Cafe would be great.
So it was four ladies – me, my daughter, my mom and my sister that chose a table outside under the awning. My daughter Laura had not had breakfast that morning and she immediately looked to see what she could order off the breakfast menu. She chose bacon, scrambled eggs, toast and a side order of chips. My mom chose 5 Roses tea again and Carryn and I ordered cappuccinos (I was holding thumbs that the coffee was going to be better). We also ordered a slice of lemon meringue pie and carrot cake and after having her breakfast Laura ordered a slice of chocolate cake.
I am very pleased to tell you that there was a HUGE improvement in the taste of the cappuccino. It is still not the best I have ever had but it was enjoyable and it paired well with the lemon meringue pie. Springside
Cafe seems to be very popular with ladies as there were quite a few ladies chatting over coffee and cake.
Coffee on the left the bad cup and coffee on the right
shows the huge improvement
The cafe is open Monday to Saturday from 7:30am to 4pm. It is closed on Sunday’s as there is a church on site in a separate building. Marcella Mia who has been a Hillcrest favourite for years for her beautiful gifts and home decor has recently moved to Springside Cafe as Marcella’s @ Springside. There is also a nail and beauty salon called Shabby to Chic.
Springside Cafe
20 Springside Road


Author: Nicola Meyer

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