Review of the Nokia T20 Tablet

There is always anticipation when you get a new device or a new piece of technology and open the box to possibilities.


Nokia T20


What can it do?

What can I do with it?

Will it live up to my expectations?

Reading reviews and looking at specifications can be very confusing. There is always the positive and the negative.


What were my expectations for the Nokia T20?

• What would the photos be like in contrast to my phone camera?

• Would the tablet be heavy and unwieldy?

• Looking at social media would be fabulous because of the size of the tablet.

• YouTube, Netflix and other media would be fabulous because of the size of the tablet.


So how do I feel about the Nokia T20?

• The photos weren’t bad which surprised me (it is a tablet!) I did have to get it to focus and I had to make sure that when taking a photo of a person that they remained still. I was actually very impressed and the portrait photo option worked extremely well. I love this photo taken of the barista at Velvet Coffee.


The left photo is the raw image and the right photo has minimal editing.

Nokia T20


•Taking videos – I also managed to get videos by keeping the tablet as still as possible and staying away from direct and indirect natural light. I was happy with the videos I took on the Nokia T20.


• I’m not used to the size of the tablet but after handling it for awhile I didn’t find it heavy or unwieldy. I did need to get out one of my larger handbags to put it in though (which is not a bad thing).


• It is an absolute joy to view social media and other media on the Nokia T20. It is 10.4 inches and has a 2K screen so details are fantastic. It is easy to see what’s on the screen during the day and the night and it is also low blue light certified so it is easy on the eyes. I did find that when I read a document or news story at night that the screen would drop brightness and then increase brightness again. I rectified this by disabling ‘adaptive brightness’ so that I could adjust the brightness to what I like. I didn’t turn on ‘eye comfort’, like I have on my phone, as I didn’t need it.


• Battery power – Nokia says that the T20 comes with enough power to see you through up to 7 hours of online meetings, 10 hours of movies or 15 hours of surfing the web. I didn’t test those times but I can confirm that the tablet has great staying power. It also doesn’t take too long to charge.


• Sound – great sound quality and I have to remember to turn down the volume before connecting my earphones. (Stereo speakers, dual microphones and OZO audio).


• Bluetooth – quick to connect to my earphones and to send photos to my phone.


Why did I not get myself a tablet a long time ago!?


Nokia T20
The Nokia T20 is a great partner for working in coffee shops.


People I have shown the Nokia T20 to have expressed surprise when finding out that it is a Nokia. I have even had 2 people think that it is a certain ‘fruit’ tablet.

It came pre-installed with YouTube, Netflix, Spotify, Google apps and Google Kids Space. If you have young children the Google Kids Space is designed for kids and works with your child’s Google Account that parents can help manage with Family Link parental controls.

I downloaded extra social media apps and entertainment apps from the Play Store.


If you are looking for an affordable entry level Android tablet then this is the tablet for you. I found it to be a solid device with good performance and if you want to know about the technical aspects of the tablet, please click on the below link.


There are two Nokia T20 tablet options :

10.4″ 64GB LTE Tablet – Ocean Blue (the one I have been reviewing)

10.4″ 32GB Wi-Fi Tablet – Ocean Blue

Approximate retail price for the Nokia T20 64GB is from : R 4 200.00

Approximate retail price for the Nokia T20 32GB on Takealot is from : R 3 700.00

Stockists : Takealot, Cellucity, Chatz, Technomobi, Vodacom 4U.

There are various accessories for the Nokia T20. The cover protecting the Nokia T20 I reviewed is the Shockproof Flip Case which can be adjusted to a Typing or Viewing angle.


Disclaimer : Paid partnership and I was sent the Nokia T20 to review.

Author: Nicola Meyer

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