How to Support South African Businesses Through Donations or Buying Vouchers

It’s a strange time for us all and a big worry. You might be okay working from home but there are many businesses that are worried that this is the end for them.


So how can you support and help?






Donate with Zapper and #SaveYourFave
Let’s help prevent South African businesses from closing their doors forever. Together we can make a difference.

If you are in a position to help, please:
1. Make sure you’re on the latest version of Zapper
2. Tap on Zapper Nearby to find your favourite local merchants (if you don’t see the Donate buttons, please refresh the app)
3. Tap Donate, enter an amount and pay

To ensure every cent counts, all payments donated via Zapper are processed for FREE.


Buy a voucher with Zapper and #SaveYourFave









Our small businesses need our support more than ever. Even though we aren’t able to leave our homes, we can offer our community restaurants, coffee shops and food services our support by buying vouchers. It’s basically a mini-loan, so buy a voucher now and make a plan to use it later.







‘Some people have got very creative during the lockdown. Dineplan, which has some 2,000 restaurants on its booking engine, has launched a voucher service to help its customers find some cash flow during the lockdown. It’s a smart idea: you pay now, in return for a better deal in the future, and the cash you provide that business is like life-giving oxygen.’ – Bruce Whitfield






We are focused on investing in the future of South Africa. Right now.

The tourism and hospitality industries have been crushed by the #Covid19 pandemic.  While none of us is sure what post #Covid19-South Africa will look like, one thing is for certain, our economy will have to be rebuilt. People will travel again. We invite you to join us in playing our part in the future recovery of South Africa.

So we designed and built Virtual Bucket List.Guru to give you hope today and something to look forward to tomorrow. Your bucket list of yesterday is now null and void! Let us help you build a new Virtual Bucket List. It’s simple

– You select a special offer from the many we have listed

– Select the specific link

– Make a reservation for a future, as yet undetermined date

This is your commitment to rebuilding South Africa. Once Covid-19 has passed, you confirm the date for your experience and enjoy. Payment is only made to the service provider when you partake of your special experience.

Author: Nicola Meyer

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