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On Wednesday the 17th May I attended the first ever Midlands Meander Pop-Up Kitchen – a one night only fine dining experience at Granny Mouse Country House & Spa. All the food was prepared on the grill by the Culinary Artists and we dined outside under the stars. Yes it was rather chilly as this is the Midlands in Winter, but we were warmly dressed and kept even warmer by lots of chatting and laughter and the delicious food.
I have written before about the hospitality that you receive when you stay at Granny Mouse and the care taken to ensure your comfort. Guests are treated as family and it is lovely to be greeted by exclamations of delight at your return. I must say that each time I visit it gets harder to leave as the Midlands is so beautiful and the stay so relaxing at Granny Mouse.
Inge Loker and I enjoying a glass of bubbly, #lovecoffee, Hillcrest Aids Centre Traveller socks, sunset







Wayland Green and Kirstie du Toit are the Granny Mouse Culinary Artists and they worked long hours deciding what to prepare for the pop-up kitchen. Fine dining cooked on the fire is not easy and they certainly made it seem so with what we were served. Plating, colours, flavours and textures were all incredible.

Beautiful fairy lights covered the table, Culinary Artists at work


Kirstie du Toit and Wayland Green


We were served the following dishes :
Steamed mielie bread, sundried tomato, basil and mozzarella braai bread


Prawn and hake sausage, wild fennel and corn cream, corn kernels and salsa Verde garnish with verbena and wild fennel
Wood grilled beef fillet, ox liver stout jus, caramelised sweet potatoes, peppered baby corn and carrots
Deconstructed trifle, roasted almond flakes, chargrilled fruit, banana cream, Frangelico custard and puff pastry


Granny Mouse Country House & Spa team are always thinking up new and exciting things to do and I can’t wait to discover what they decide to do next. 

Happy media before we braved the cold night air


If you are looking for a place to stay on the Midlands Meander then I highly recommend that you book into Granny Mouse. They have fabulous Winter Wonder specials on until 30 September 2017. 



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Author: Nicola Meyer

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