What, Where, When – Part 2

I’m back for Part 2 of What, Where, When.
Wednesday 29
March I went with my Mom and sister to a fairly new place in Assagay – Bona Terra. They had both been there before in December and it is on my local and lekker list to visit. We enjoyed cappuccinos with chocolate cake and carrot cake which we shared – the cake not the cappuccinos. Bona Terra Cafe is a lovely place and there is also a garden centre, pizza place and furniture and decor shop on site. I will visit again so I can take photos to share about it on the blog.
We then went to two second hand / vintage shops – Second Treasures which has a HUGE range of furniture and the owner Christi does amazing paint techniques. Christi painted a bookcase for me which I love. Mrs Pinkerton is situated at the Mushroom Farm and she sells furniture, decor items, vinyl records, clothes and jewellery. I have bought clothes from the shop before and a beautiful glass dome.
On Thursday I had to get to the office and catch up on my work. Couldn’t have the boss i.e. husband frowning at me.
Friday 31
March I got to spend time with my two sisters – Inge Loker who I have claimed as my sister and Carryn who is my actual sister. I first met Inge very early at Lineage for coffee after the school drop off. I had planned to only have one
coffee – well. Kgune the head barista at Lineage has been making me different coffees to try, so that day he made me a Cortado Americano and then an Espresso #caffeinehit So when Inge arrived I had already had those but couldn’t let her drink alone so also ordered a cappuccino. At 9am I went to fetch Carryn and we met Inge up Botha’s Hill at Cafe 66. It was a very hot day and since I was caffeinated already I decided to have a sparkling water. Carryn and Inge chose to have Americanos which looked like cappuccinos (they didn’t have cappuccinos on the menu). Before we sat at the restaurant we had a very good look around HeyJude’s. Saw some lovely furniture and other decor items but the prices were a bit much for us.
So, so glad that Carryn was able to extend her stay in Durban as we were able to go to I Heart Market together! We love going to wander among the stalls and the beautiful big trees. We always get coffee from Jacksonville Coffee and Smith’s Bakeshop’s delicious cupcakes. It was a very hot day – too hot for cappuccinos – so instead we opted for refreshing iced coffees. We don’t usually buy much at the market but that day we both found a vinyl record we liked, a small pouch for Mom to keep her keys in and I bought a beautiful journal from Abide Creative. Before leaving we went back to Jacksonville Coffee for another refreshing (and cold) iced coffee.
Carryn was supposed to return to Jhb on Tuesday 4 April but happily her stay was extended yet again and she eventually left on the Thursday. So on Monday 3 April we went to the Hillcrest Aids Centre as Carryn had seen that they had half price on books, CD’s and DVD’s.  There is also a white elephant shop that is stuffed with stuff – a real scratch shop. I bought a CD, an oil burner (to replace the one my husband cracked while swotting a fly), drawing pencils, foam art brush, book and an art canvas. We had to wait 15 minutes before the white elephant opened and so to “pass the time” we looked at the newly updated and extended Woza Moya shop. Half an hour later we were
still in Woza Moya. I stocked up on Rondavel soap, found very pretty blue beaded earrings and even bought a Grow Your Own Tree Starter Pack. I chose the Yellow Bauhinia which grows up to 8m tall. After Hillcrest Aids Centre we drove to the Kloof & Highway SPCA as Carryn wanted to look through the vinyl records and find some more books for her son. I even found 2 records and now I just need the “tech department” (my husband and son) to set up the record player.
Wednesday 5 April was a sad day as it was the last day I could spend with my sister before she returned to Jhb. Had to take her to new places so first we visited Alicia’s Atelier which sells decor and painted furniture. It has a mix of old and new things and lots of paintings.
We then went to Springside Cafe which Mom and I had visited last year. It has beautiful country/shabby chic decor and a big fountain. A very tranquil place with fabulous cakes. They also have a salon on site and a gift/decor shop called Marcellas. When Mom and I went to the cafe last year I drank the cappuccino I ordered with long teeth – it was awful! Was surprised to discover that the beans used were from Bean Green and I don’t know what the cafe did to them to make such a bad cup of coffee. I am pleased to report that this time the cappuccino was much improved but ever so slightly weak. My Mom and daughter were with us and Laura (daughter) took the opportunity to order breakfast and an extra plate of chips which she really enjoyed. She even had a slice of chocolate cake. I had lemon meringue pie and Carryn the carrot cake with our cappuccinos. Springside Cafe is a lovely place to sit, relax and chat and there were a lot of tables with ladies doing just that.
Laura wanted to look at clothes at Mr Price so we all went to Hillcrest Corner after Springside Cafe. My husband, Neil and son, Caleb were working in Hillcrest and Mom and Carryn were thrilled to see them. We had to go for more coffee so I chose The Daily Grind which serves Terbodore Coffee. A wonderful coffee shop which seems to be always busy. I do recommend that if you visit that you take a table far from the preparation counter as the milkshake maker is very noisy and drowns out conversation. Love the way they serve the coffee on wooden boards and the cappuccino was great.



And …….. well actually that is the end of What, Where, When and a wonderful time spent with my sister. Till next time Carryn! Hopefully with me visiting you in Jhb.

Author: Nicola Meyer

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