Weekend Bliss at Granny Mouse Country House & Spa

On 13 August Neil and I will celebrate our 22nd wedding anniversary. For the first night of our marriage we stayed at Granny Mouse Country House as it was known then. I remember driving at night with a toilet paper and shaving foam covered car – Neil actually had to stop and remove toilet paper from the windscreen so that he could see. We parked under pine trees and there seemed to be a very long walk to our room. It was a beautiful cosy room and a member of staff helped Neil clean the car in the morning. When we stayed at Granny Mouse Country House & Spa this past weekend we took a look at the Garden Rooms and it was either number 4 or 5 that we had originally stayed in. There have also been a lot of changes since that day with the Spa, the Wedding Chapel, undercover parking and extra rooms added.
21 year old me standing on the balcony of our room (14 August 1994)
This time we were very blessed to stay in one of their Deluxe Suites and what a room it was!! If only Neil and I could have fitted the suite into the car and brought it home. HUGE bed, big bath and shower, double basins, desk, makeup area, balcony, mini bar and tea/coffee station, bay window seating (loved this) and the all important fireplace.
Our fabulous Deluxe Suite
Our room 33, inside the main area lounge, the swimming pool
Granny Mouse staff certainly take their “Welcome Home” saying to heart. Everything was beautifully set out and we so appreciated the little touches. The food was incredible! Tasty breakfast buffet and very unique (and delicious) hot
breakfast offerings. We enjoyed a brandy and chocolate tasting down in the cellar on the Friday night and an incredible wine pairing dinner in the Eaves restaurant on the Saturday night. We ate supper in the Bistro on the Friday night and also enjoyed lunch there on the Saturday afternoon.
Delicious array of breakfast food


Bistro supper : Chicken croquettes with blue cheese sauce, Grilled lamb chops, Chocolate slice
It was an amazing weekend and we came away feeling so incredibly relaxed. We can’t wait to return to Granny Mouse Country House & Spa and to be Welcomed Home again.
Our photo at the Granny Mouse selfie point
So happy to have seen the snow laden Drakensberg when we went out on the Midlands Meander

Author: Nicola Meyer

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