Treat Cafe at Talloula

Thursday 28 May was my Mom’s birthday and it has become a tradition to go somewhere to either have tea/coffee and cake or to have a full meal. My parents stay in Botha’s Hill so I wanted to go to a place that was fairly close to them. Just a few kilometres down the road from them is Talloula. I had not been to Treat Cafe before even though I had been to Talloula twice for their annual Christmas Fair.


Outside eating area
We arrived at 11am (the time I made the booking for) and were shown to our window table. Treat Cafe is beautifully decorated and has wonderful and restful music playing in the background. It was a very, very warm day (28 degrees when we arrived) so I decided to have a glass of homemade lemonade, Mom had cranberry juice and Dad had a glass of wine.

We perused the menu and perused the menu and …. you get the picture. It was going to be difficult to decide what to have. Mom found it easy and decided what she was going to have almost immediately – Roasted butternut and feta quiche with salad and homemade dressing.

Dad and I were trying to decide between a hamburger, mutton curry or the beef steak pie. Eventually I decided to have their hamburger (it was hamburger day) with their homemade patty, caramelised onions, salad and chips. Dad went with the mutton curry with rice and sambals.

While waiting for our meal Mom and I took a walk to the toilet and then looked around the cafe. There are beautiful decor items and stationery for sale. I saw stationery from Origin Stationery and MillaMae.

It was time to eat and even though it was a very warm day we found that we were hungry. The meals were wonderfully presented. My hamburger patty was thick and juicy and I loved the homemade dressing on the salad. Mom enjoyed the flavours of her butternut and feta quiche and her salad with the homemade dressing. Dad’s
mutton curry had a bit of a bite to it but he really enjoyed it. Mom gave him some of her salad to help cool it down a bit.


Our delicious meals
After our plates were cleared away Mom and I ordered cappuccinos and a slice of their lemon meringue pie. Very good cappuccino and Mom and I enjoyed the lemon meringue with its creamy filling and crisp meringue. I only realised after having the cappy and pie that I hadn’t taken a picture.


We had a wonderful meal and very relaxing time at Treat Cafe and I look forward to returning and sitting on their big white couch. I think I shall take my sister there for a cappy, cake and chat.


Here are a few photos of the amazing interior :


Love this 🙂


Comfortable looking white couch


Beautiful decor




Décor on the way to the bathroom and inside

Wedding venue, event planning, flowers and decor, conferences, functions and restaurant

61 Old Main Road, Bothas Hill


Monday – closed

Tuesday – Sunday  8:30am – 4pm


My parents and I

Author: Nicola Meyer

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