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“You have to go for it, because no one is going to give it to you.” Juan Boucher




Gewigloos Album

After twelve successful years in the entertainment industry, Juan Boucher has become a household name amongst Afrikaans music enthusiasts. The acclaimed artist, from the Vaal Triangle, is known for his soothing voice, catchy lyrics, energetic melodies and entertaining stage personality.

In celebration of his thriving career, he has recently released a brand-new album, GEWIGLOOS, which promises to captivate listeners from beginning to end. “It is the first album that I have ever made without using pre-programmed sounds and everything was recorded with live instruments,” the artist explains. “I feel weightless and free when listening to it. Each song has a unique approach, rhythm and style and includes beautiful guitar pieces. I want this album to make Afrikaans stronger and bind South Africans together.”

The eighth studio album contains twelve original tracks that was carefully selected to tell a story. Aside from upbeat dance tracks and beautiful love ballads, the album also offers exciting collaborations with other musicians. In die Bosveld, a duet with Neil Somers, was very well received and is still topping the charts of various radio stations. The music video has also had more than 280 000 hits. Toestand, a track that he wrote with his agent and fellow musician, Len Muller, is also included on the album. “‘Geroeste Ysters’ is a tribute to the men who guarded our borders during the war,” he shares. “‘Brandewyn’ was written when I was twenty-one and was not supposed to be on the album, but someone dared me to record it and that is how it made the cut.”

His latest single, EK MIS MAAR NET JOU HART, has just been released and promises to impress even the most critical of ears. This love song, written by the artist himself, can be described as a feel-good ballad with an inspiring message. “This is a song about the person that you are currently in love with and not someone from the past,” Juan reveals about the meaning behind his favourite track. “When you have been in relationship with someone for a long time and you drift apart and struggle to communicate, you end up missing what you’ve had and that is when you can say: EK MIS MAAR NET JOU HART(I MISS YOUR HEART)”. It is a song for anyone who has ever loved someone and will resonate with audiences of all ages.”

The music video, produced by Vonk Musiek’s Wian van der Walt, was filmed along the coast – from Fish Hoek to George. Throughout the video, there are shots of Juan standing alone – contemplating life, which symbolises the difficult times in a relationship that makes you feel isolated from your partner. “I wanted the video to look like it was set in another world, so even though it was actually filmed in South Africa, it looks like I am walking in the snow,” he says. “The song is about someone who misses the feeling of closeness at the beginning of his relationship and we wanted it to be reflected in the video.”


WATCH THE VIDEO HERE : https://youtu.be/mvwv_sA-doo

Juan Boucher Bio

Juan made his debut in 2012 and is passionate about his music and family. “Music is a gift and I am so blessed to be able to sing for a living,” he shares. “It makes me happy when my music makes people smile. I absolutely love life, love and people.”

He is known for his upbeat music and has a knack for creating songs that audiences of all ages can relate to. That is why he was not only named the public’s favourite artist during the 2017 Ghoema Awards, but also won Aitsa (Best Lyricist in SA) and Bokkie (Best Male Artist) music awards in 2019.

It therefore, also comes as no surprise that he has already released six successful albums of which Dis Wie ek Is and Onthou Jy om Jonk both achieved gold and Kalm Voor Die Storm reached platinum status. He is also known for hits like Ons Word Een, Huisie in die Bos (ft. Jan Rhaap), In Jou Wolk and Whiskey en Jy, and is a regular performer at the country’s biggest music functions and festivals.

If he had to choose a different career, he would have loved to be a soccer player for Arsenal. He also shares that he cannot wait to be a father one day and that he will do his best to provide for his family and to be there when they need him.

The music industry has taught him to follow his dreams and work hard to make them come true. “You have to go for it, because no one is going to give it to you,” the singer says.

These days, Juan is also the proud owner of his own fashion label, Bouch Clothing, which caters for those who prefer looking just as stylish in the bush as they do in the city.







Mis Maar Net Jou Hart

Geroeste Ysters



Kan ek?



In die Bosveld

The album will be available on digital platforms. To pre-order the album, click here:



My Favourite Songs

From the sound of drums and beautiful guitar work this album has songs for all ages.

‘Geroeste Ysters’ – my husband hasn’t spoken much about his time during national service and I have only seen where his training camp was and a few photos.

Gewigloos – “Ek is gewigloos sonder jou” (I am weightless without you)

Lewenslustig – I love the part “Ek wil lewenslustig oud word” (I want to get old cheerfully).

In Die Bosveld – Grass moving with a breeze and the sounds of birds, there is nothing better than being in the bush. “My heart se huis, die bosveld” (my heart is home in the bushveld).



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