Be a Woza Moya Lifesaver this Christmas

There are only 12 Friday’s until Christmas Day!

Christmas decorations are already being put up in the supermarkets and I was shocked to see Christmas decorations for sale in Checkers this morning.

As everyone is well aware, South African’s have taken a huge knock with this COVID pandemic. Large businesses, small businesses and charities all need support.

So how can we help?



Woza Moya is a wonderful shop to visit to buy gifts. From bags, jewellery, beaded items, decor and upcycled glassware; you are certain to find the perfect gift for family or friends. Every year the Woza Moya beaders and crafters work hard on creating Christmas gifts and decor and this year you can be a Woza Moya Lifesaver.


“The Woza Moya team travelled to the valley of 1000 hills to meet with Woza crafters to see where beadwork is made, and to hear each womens’ Christmas story. We want to share with you the pride, love and honour that each woman puts into making her special Christmas decoration. When you consider that each decoration is handmade with the tiniest of beads, and that each crafter has his or her own pattern, unique as they they are. We consider each decoration a miracle.

Travelling to the crafters homes was very humbling, and our team was met with such joy, neighbours, gogos, and neighbours children came to be part of the celebration. Our country is powerfully beautiful, in two ways, its physical beauty, and the beauty that lives in the spirit of its people. Days like these are etched on your heart forever, the connection, the stories and the people, are all that are good and whole with the world. We loved getting lost and picking up random strangers to guide us to the crafters homes, everyone knows everyone and is connected. There is so much fear in our communities that we sometimes forget to embrace and see all the beauty that surrounds us all. To us Christmas is Ubuntu – translated as “I am because we are,” or “humanity towards others,” Our Christmas boxes are love made visible. We need you to make love visible.

Order your boxes :



Christmas is just around the corner and with your help we can ensure our Woza crafters have a reason to celebrate this year. The COVID 19 pandemic has left hundreds of vulnerable crafters without work and they and their families are in desperate need. Many are the sole supporters of multi-generational families and rely heavily on the income they receive through Woza Moya to feed their families every month. In the spirit of Christmas and Giving, we are asking you to be a Christmas Lifesaver and support our crafters by buying a box (or two, or three!) and/or hosting a fundraiser selling our beautiful handmade crafts. You will be amazed how far the funds from your purchase go as you beautify your home while also ensuring support reaches those most in need.

The small Kumnandi box (isiZulu word for Excellent)

This box is filled with 27 handmade Christmas decorations and goodies perfect for your family or as individual gifts for family and special friends. Impact: Every box sold will enable 3 Woza Moya crafters to feed their families (approx. 30 people) for a month.

Cost R1370, $133 or €113 Shipping is included in this price and we can post our Christmas Lifesaver boxes around the world.

Woza Moya Lifesaver

The medium Lekker box (Afrikaans word for Great/Nice)

This box throws the hassle of last-minute gifts out the window! It’s filled with 64 ready-to-give handmade Christmas gifts. Impact: Every box sold will enable 6 Woza Moya crafters to feed their families (approx. 60 people) for a month.

Cost: R2710, $243 or €206 Shipping is included in this price and we can post our Christmas Lifesaver boxes around the world.

Woza Moya Lifesaver

The biggest Super Duper Ultra Deluxe box

For our more entrepreneurial souls, this stunning box is filled with huge variety of 132 handmade Christmas decorations and goodies is ideal for a “Host your own Christmas Lifesaver Market” or “Christmas Tea” event. Impact: Every box sold will enable 15 Woza Moya crafters to feed their families (approx. 150 people) for a month.

Cost: R6240, $542 or €462, Shipping is included in this price and we can post our Christmas Lifesaver boxes around the world.

Woza Moya Lifesaver

• Shipping is included and we can post our Christmas Lifesaver boxes around the world – easy peasy!

• Detailed contents of each box can be found on our online website

• The world-renowned Drakensberg Boys Choir Christmas CD is included in every box

• Prices may fluctuate slightly based on exchange rates

The Woza Moya team is so grateful to be able to continue supporting our beaders through these challenging times and we know that every Christmas box sold, is going to uplift and empower not only them and their families, but their communities too!”



Video Credits : Thanks to Qiniso Dladla for this Christmas story. Thanks to Crafters families who generously opened their homes to us. Thank you to the Drakensberg Boys Choir School for the backing track – An African Christmas.



Woza Moya is an economic empowerment project of the Hillcrest Aids Centre Trust

Author: Nicola Meyer

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