Are We Living the New Normal?

It has certainly been an interesting time and the question on everyone’s mind is : Are we living the new normal?


I had all these plans during lockdown to do lots of social media, work on my Run On Coffee Pinterest page, delete old posts on my website and a whole lot of other things that I thought should get done. The only thing I did do was keep up with Instagram stories and do a few social media posts. It was what I needed as social media etc can put a lot of pressure on you and a lot of the time you feel that you are just churning stuff out.


So what did I do?

  • Baked bread for the very first time (yes I also made a banana bread)
  • Baked condensed milk biscuits, caramel biscuits, chocolate crunchies – more than once
  • Embroidery
  • Sewed bags
  • Made a cover for our coffee grinder
  • Made masks for us all
  • Painted the metal cupboard in our laundry
  • Made earrings out of egg box cardboard
  • Watched a lot of series with my husband
  • Went to bed late
  • Slept in late
  • Relaxed on the lounger outside and read a few books (my sister in law gave us her loungers and I had never spent time on them)


My husband and I have similar personalities and the same sense of humour. Two of the differences between us is that I talk a lot louder (if I could have R5 for every time he has told me to shhh over the years) and I also talk a lot more. He is the tall and silent type and it is rare when he talks a lot. We have been married for 25 years and i’m pleased to say we still get on very well together. There will be no problems when we retire (that’s what he said after a month of lockdown). I’m alone here at home as I type this and it feels very strange. I am however very pleased that he has been able to return to work as the construction industry has opened again.


He went grocery shopping with our daughter during lockdown and I didn’t leave home for over a month. When I eventually went to the shop it was so weird to have to wear a mask and get sprayed with sanitiser. I loathe wearing a mask and can’t stand having my mouth and nose covered. But this is what is needed for now and we all have to do it.


I am missing my coffee shop visits and being able to sit and drink a cappuccino whilst watching people pass by. We were not coffee deprived during lockdown and I made sure our coffee stocks were regularly replenished by ordering coffee beans from Skyline, BlueBird, Rosetta and Espressco. I missed my G&T’s when the gin was finished but having no coffee would have been a disaster.


So what lies ahead? I have no idea and I am just going to take it a day at a time.


#StaySafe #lovecoffee


new normal


Author: Nicola Meyer

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