Hobby-X Jhb

I have always loved doing crafts and have tried many different ones over the years. But, I always return to paper crafts as I love beautiful paper and the many different things that can made or decorated with paper.

If you love doing crafts then the must visit show is the annual Hobby-X which is in JHB at the Ticketpro Dome. The show also exhibits in Cape Town and Durban.


Hobby-X Jhb


I try to fly up to Jhb at least once a year to visit my sister and I usually time it when Hobby-X is on so that we visit it together. We spend nearly the entire day at the show as there is so much to see and we want to take our time and not miss anything. Our first stop is always the RNA magazine stand and we stock up on the discounted international craft magazines. We have become very strict over the years and only take those magazines that we would definitely make a craft out of. Then it is a slow walk around the entire area as we see what is on offer. It is best to take a very good look around first and not to buy at the first stand as another stand might have the same item cheaper.


So what can you expect to see at Hobby-X Jhb this year?

Mosaics, Scrapbooking, Art, Jewellery, Woodwork, Craft magazines, Kids toys and books, Sewing, general hobbies and collectables, lifestyle and outdoor hobbies, DIY home decor and for the first time Hobby-X has opened its doors to ……………reptile breeders and collectors!


They also host fabulous workshops which you need to book for in advance of the show. This year’s workshops are :

Acrylic pour marbling

Appliqué on a cushion

Fabric art with sharpie

Arm knitting throw

Paint technique book box

Bible journaling

Card with foil

Learn to crochet – basic bath mat

Crochet a coffee mug cosy, Beanie, Handbag, Pencil bag, Traditional granny square

Decorative funky letters

Decoupage tray

Mosaic – Dreamy Girls, Mosaic – Evening Stroll

Dot art for beginners

Ceramic painting with sharpie

Fun with lasers and make your own laser cut product

In the hoop class

Landscape painting for beginners

Latch and hook – pom pom rug

Loom knitting

Metal stamping – Bon voyage, Doggy treat, Everlasting love, Floral pendant, Just bracelets, Wine time

Stencilling – Mixed colour paint caddy and Raised 4 drawer storage box, Shadow photo canvas

Paint technique – queen sign

Recipe album

Vinyl art on bag

Watercolour birds for beginners

Wind pump heart

Waterslide canvas


For more information on the workshops and to get the booking form visit the Hobby-X website. Please note that the workshop cost does not include entry into the show.


Workshops at the Faber-Castell Creative Studio :

Bible journaling – the fire of God around her and the Glory of God inside her

Bible journaling – Written on the palm of His hand

Bible journaling – Watercolour galaxies and forests painting

Bible journaling – Do not worry

Bible journaling – Acrylic painting techniques

Bible journaling – I love my Bible

Bible journaling – Watercolour floral

Sunday scene Church and sheep mixed media workshop

Cupcakes mixed media workshop

Birds carrying a dress mixed media workshop

Glitzy ball gown mixed media workshop

Bright angel mixed media

Creative lettering – Birthday calendar

Patchwork landscape acrylic painting

Fluffington bear acrylic painting


For more information about the above workshops please take a look at the Faber-Castell Facebook page. Tickets for the workshops can be bought through Quicket. Please note that the ticket price does not include entry into Hobby-X.



Hobby-X Jhb 2019

Ticketpro Dome

7 – 10 March

Thursday  – Friday 10am – 6pm

Saturday – 9am – 6pm

Sunday – 9am – 5pm

Tickets available at the door

R100 for Adults

R20 for Children



Will I see you there??

Author: Nicola Meyer

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