Welcome to the new Run On Coffee

Welcome to the new (and improved) Run On Coffee and my new home at runoncoffee.com!


I was very surprised to discover, when I sat down to write this, that I have been blogging for over 4 years – since 25 August 2013. It has been a lot of ups, downs, fun, laughter and much work to blog and do the related social media, but I have persevered.


So ……… I have a few people to thank for making my website and new look a reality. Before I continue with that I really need to give a big thank you to Heather de Bruin for blessing me all those years ago with my logo. Totally out the blue she designed and sent me my original Run On Coffee logo – for free!. No we didn’t know each other and to this day we still haven’t met each other in real life. Thank you Heather! I have loved using that logo and it made my social media postings easier to recognise as me. *sending you big kisses and hugs and many blessings*


It was quite scary to take the plunge and change things as I was very comfortable with what I had. Firstly I had to buy a domain and found that to be surprisingly easy and I was thrilled that runoncoffee.com could be mine. The biggest thing of all for me was getting the website set up and doing the change from Blogger to WordPress (lots and lots still to learn about WordPress). Instead of me trying to do it myself I decided to hand it over to a professional and that was where Nicola Tweed of The WordPress Workspace came in. Thank you Nicola for doing such a fabulous job and averting the sure to be extra grey hairs that I would have given myself. It you want a stress free website take a look at Nicola’s jumpstart packages. I chose the Analogue theme and Nicola moved all my posts across and setup my new logo etc.


Last and certainly not least I would like to thank Andrea Barras of Bird & Design for my fabulous new logo. It is totally me. From my favourite colour – blue – to my favourite beverage – cappuccino. I absolutely love my new tagline – One Sip At A Time – and my 16 year old daughter came up with it! Andrea is so easy to work with and the only difficulty I experienced was deciding which of the logos to choose.




As with all new websites there is going to be teething issues so bare with me as I still have a lot to learn. But I am very excited for the new look and the new direction for Run On Coffee.






Author: Nicola Meyer

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