Tribute to Tyson

It is so sad that I have to start off my first blog post of 2015 by saying goodbye to a wonderful dog.

Pets bring such joy and laughter to our lives and they all have their own personalities.

We just lost our dear Tyson this morning and what a dog he was. The runt of the litter who cost us R100 and the best R100 we have ever spent. His dad was a boerboel cross bul mastiff and his mom was a staffie cross jack russel. A very strange mix for a dog yet Tyson was an excellent guard dog and was so good with the kids. We always joked about his happy and smiling face and how he never got depressed.

He loved going for a ride in the car – nose or head out of the window – and for walks in the park and down to the beach. You could always be assured of a happy greeting when you got home. He could also be naughty and he loved to eat used tissues ew! We had to keep rubbish bins away from him as he would knock them over to get at the tissues. He was our first dog and a very well loved and spoilt boy.

Farewell my beautiful boy and I know you are walking through a fabulous park, eating your favourite biscuits and have a large luxurious bean bag to lie on.

We send you off with lots of hugs

Your family misses you so, so much!!

Author: Nicola Meyer

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