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I sit here writing this blog post as a soft rain falls outside and the mist covers the hills.  This was not the case on Saturday when a blazing hot sun beat down and the sky was a clear blue.

I fortunately live very close to the gorgeous Makaranga, the place that Rain Africa chose for their event.  What a perfect choice it was as Makaranga has incredible gardens of great beauty.  We were accommodated in a room just off The Library Bar with a large couch and other comfortable chairs. 

I was welcomed by Yusuf and Ryan that own and run the magnificent Rain store in Gateway.  After greeting them and receiving a bound booklet and choosing my lucky draw number, I went to see who was at the event that I knew.  So thrilled to see my friendly blogger friends – Inge, Michelle, Faeema, Verushka and Hazel.  I also met other ladies that I had chatted to on twitter.  On the deck just outside the room a table was set up with fruit juices and delicious sweet treats with two umbrellas offering shade.  At a table was seated Ronelle and Tanya from Rain and they were treating two ladies to an arm massage with the Rain product of their choice.

Inge in bliss

Also attending the event and showcasing their amazing products #drool was Tracy from Tsonga Footwear.

Tsonga Footwear

Yusuf welcomed us all and thanked us for attending the first blogger event organised by Rain.  He explained the programme of events and who was going to talk to us all. 

Ryan then gave us a brief talk about three of the Big 5 oils that Rain uses in their products namely Kalahari Melon, Baobab and Marula.  The other two oils are Mafura Butter and Mongogo Nut.  It is fascinating what nature provides and what Rain makes with these beneficial oils.

Yusuf and Ryan handprints showing us that Rain is truly handmade

Ronelle, who runs the Rain Spa told us a bit about the people who are employed in the Rain factory, truly heartbreaking and inspiring.  Rain Africa was started as a job creation project and they try to help as many people as possible.  They have become a family that loves, cares and supports one another.  Read more about them here : http://rainafrica.com/


Tracy from Tsonga Footwear gave us each one shoe sole that we had to attempt to stitch!  It certainly gave us an appreciation for handmade.  She told us where Tsonga sources its materials from and explained that all the shoes are genuine leather.  She was wearing such beautiful boots and told us even though the day was hot her feet were not sweating because genuine leather breathes. http://www.tsonga.com/

Rain’s book on soap making (out in May)

Beautiful cake that Yusuf had made for the event

I’m finding it hard to express how wonderful the day was and how inspiring.  Rain Africa is a company that puts a lot of thought and effort into their products and they care for people and nature.

Thank you again Yusuf, Ryan, Ronelle and Tanya for inviting me to this event and for giving me a greater appreciation for Rain Africa’s products.

Author: Nicola Meyer

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