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This morning I stepped out of my comfort zone again, I seem to be doing that a lot lately. 
 I got in my car and drove to Gateway Theatre of Shopping to meet Hazel of Beauty Shout Box http://beautyshoutbox.blogspot.com (yes this was our first meeting) and to see the new Rain Africa store.
Africa, rain represents life. The arrival of the first rains after the long dry
season is celebrated with much thanksgiving. When the rains come the rivers
fill, the grass grows, the herds fatten and prosperity blooms. So profound is
Africa’s gratitude for rain, that the Sotho people welcome visitors with the
expression “Khotso, Pula, Nala” (Peace, Rain, Abundance) as part of their
traditional greeting.’
After much delays and difficulties the beautiful new Rain Africa store opened for trade.  We entered through the “trees” and the first thing I experienced was the gorgeous scents.
My nose was constantly twitching and I had to get in closer to identify where the scent was coming from. Lavender, rose and other divine scents.
I love the store layout and the natural décor consisting of stones, tree stump and branches.  They have so many gorgeous products and it is so hard to choose.  I managed to contain myself to buying 2 x bath fizzies and a room/linen mist.  Will report back when I have used them.
Hazel and I had a chat to the franchisee owners Ryan Waters and Yusuf Sheik, who are very excited and proud to be involved with Rain Africa.  With their enthusiasm, beautiful layout and gorgeous products they are sure to be successful.  I’m sure lots of teachers are going to be receiving Rain products as end of year gifts.  Husbands are also going to score major gift giving points with their wives.
Yusuf Sheik and Ryan Waters


Fill out this card for a chance to win

Rain will definitely be seeing me again and friends and family can expect beautifully wrapped gifts.
Thank you Rain and Hazel for a wonderful morning.

Author: Nicola Meyer

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